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Private & Innovative Networks for business critical communications.

“Private and innovative networks for business critical communications” is the main activity of PRIVINNET

You are a company that uses or requires operational and critical communication networks:

  • You want to homogenise and rationalise your critical networks, such as walkie-talkie voice, mobile data (wifi), DECT?
  • the critical IOT raises many questions as well as all the services that enable industry 4.0 today
  • Or simply, you wish to have for your operational staff an optimum efficiency by an excellent mobile connectivity
  • You are wondering about private or public 4 and 5G networks

PRIVINNET is here to listen to you. After a preliminary study of your existing situation, your DNA, your uses and the expectations of your operational staff and yourself, PRIVINNET will be able to offer you this or that type of solution which is the most suitable and therefore the most optimised for you.

PRIVINNET’s knowledge of the very specific business critical connectivity market will enable us to tell you which companies to consult with which model without favouring one supplier over another.

The most optimal solution will require, depending on the needs, different actors, such as infrastructure providers or operators, service integrators, editors, integrators of PMR, telephony and video solutions. PRIVINNET will introduce you to this emerging and still very diversified ecosystem.

You will be able to prepare your project budget, with a presentable and coherent business plan, and launch your critical mobile network modernisation project(s) independently or not.

You can also be assisted by PRIVINNET in the implementation of POC if necessary, in the request of a dedicated frequency to the national regulator if needed, or even to carry out these steps in France with the ARCEP.

A multi-year visibility can also be proposed integrating the evolution of technologies and services. A 10-year visibility step by step, for example, starting with the rationalization of your critical mobile infrastructures and continuing with the addition over time of critical IOT and services related to 5G such as virtual and augmented reality and everything that makes up Industry 4.0

PRIVINNET can help you differentiate from your competition by providing better connectivity where your operations need it.

You are a communications solutions provider

Whether in infrastructure, applications, IOT, connectivity in the broadest sense, integration.

You see the market evolving without having a perfect knowledge of the industries’ needs. PRIVINNET will ensure the link between the needs of companies in critical connectivity and expected services and your solutions. PRIVINNET can help you in the development and evolution of your solutions to make them more adapted not to the general market or even to the general public but to the expectations of small, medium or large companies in the so-called critical connectivity including industry 4.

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