EDF deploy secure private mobile networks at nuclear energy plants across France with Thales and Ericsson

Air France and Paris Airport with Hub One are not the only ones to deploy private networks for their operational areas. EDF has started this major deployment and this is good news and a signal that private networks are good solutions today in critical environments like airports or power plants but not only.
Note that these are not POCs but deployments that are taking place in France on the band 38 dedicated to businesses.

Thales and Ericsson partner with EDF to bring mobile broadband connectivity to French nuclear sites, both in production and under deconstruction

With this roll out, EDF is leading the deployment of secure private 4G networks on this scale both in France and internationally

Successful pilot implementation at the Blayais nuclear site represents the first step in a deployment that will cover all EDF nuclear power plants in France.

 APR 20, 2021 12:00 (GMT +00:00)

Find the complete information on this link

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