5G’s influence on architectures

CIGREF Report (august 2020)

5G: Preparations and opportunities – 5G’s influence on architectures

This report is the result of the reflections of its working group “Influence of 5G on architectures”, led by Thierry Borgel, Director S.I. & digital at Icade.

Interesting document to better understand how to prepare the arrival of 5G in companies, a real great subject for IT organizations, architects, IT operations, businesses,

The role of ISD

IT departments have several roles to play in 5G. First, researching and testing use cases with a view to their industrialisation but also anticipating a modular architecture that will make it easier to implement them. Depending on the importance of connectivity to their businesses, companies must rethink their network strategy and decide whether to make or buy. Companies can choose to co-build new use cases with telecoms operators or to operate them themselves, either becoming a mobile virtual network operator or a mobile network operator themselves, subject to frequency ability or attribution directly to industry. Finally, to make the most of 5G, talent in-house or in the ecosystem will make all the difference in implementing 5G and supporting its rollout.

You can load the PDF file from this link

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