Announce from Tarmac Technologies and Founder Factory

They announce that they are officially joining Founders Factory in their travel program. Their skilful team will be working with them to improve their offering and develop their customer base worldwide. This is the perfect time to use digitalisation to increase efficiency and improve safety !

Tarmac Technologies is building a universal monitoring platform to collaborate and optimise aircraft turnaround.

Founders Factory is one of the world’s best partner for founders.

It is really good to see the work that is being done to make airlines and airports more efficient and safer, especially around aircraft on the ground. And why not join forces to provide the best possible connectivity beyond the application. Tests and POCs could be done in this direction (through private 4G/5G). All applications in the world will never be really efficient in the eyes of operational teams without connectivity such as what private LTE networks can offer, and also why not add, the automatic connection of objects to these networks and applications such as vehicles, luggage loaders, etc ?

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