Private 5G Networks serve the mining industry in Russia

Ericsson and Russian telecom provider MTS have teamed up to deliver EVRAZ’s Sheregeshskaya mine a dedicated private network.

NEWS Blog Ericsson
 FEB 09, 2021

After airports, airlines, power plants, ports and other industries, the mining industry is interested in private 5G networks.

It is one of the industries to make the most of these private networks, due to the difficult context of coverage of these places, which are very far from public networks, but above all to the great interest of being able to connect men and machines on the same mobile network. The IIOT and everything related to security (video among others) but also a direct link between operations and control centers and computer systems is a real “plus” for mining companies.
Ericsson is therefore once again highlighting its 5G solutions for the industry, which can truly and concretely lead to the much-quoted 5.0 industry.

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