Druid Signs Agreement Pierson Wireless

“The open architecture, simple deployment and scalability of the RAEMISTM platform position it well for our private LTE network business. Having the support of the DRUID team ensures we can provide a high performing network solution to customers of all sizes at a competitive price point.”

by Roderick Maddox, Network Director for Pierson Wireless

There is more and more movement (and that’s a good thing!) on private LTE networks like this information on Druid (provider of the core platform named Raemis) and Pierson Wireless for 4G & 5G OnGo private networks (*).

(*) OnGo : ex CBRS see this : article
These companies that are partnering to meet the needs of corporate private networks bode very well for the industry and the corresponding market. An OnGo antenna on the European territory could bode well for further accelerating the phenomenon.
Numerous European manufacturers, editors, startup manufacturers, integrators, and operators could thus group together and meet with OnGo USA to further perfect tomorrow’s solutions.

If the principle interests you, do not hesitate to leave a message below this article or directly by e-mail (link at the top right of the page). I really think that Europeans must unite, as is the case in the United States with OnGo, so as not to miss the march of 5G dedicated to businesses.

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