The CBRS Alliance changes its name to become the OnGo Alliance because it wants to broaden its scope

by Linda Hardesty (Fierce Wireless)

Good news about the CBRS Alliance and what about a European Alliance ?

Is this an opportunity to include Europe in the CBRS alliance or is Europe also creating a European alliance on this really innovative subject, including the industrial challenges? Both are to be done, I think.

In connection with the last post on the German and French use of the private LTE spectrum , which rightly caused a reaction, the idea of creating an alliance or association not only country by country like AGURRE but also a global European alliance was not really a bad idea if you look across the Atlantic.

The CBRS really understood the value of gathering and discussing spectrum issues, regulations and all other topics around 5G and IIOT as mentioned by Dave Wright, president of the OnGo Alliance :

“While our focus will continue to be on advancing OnGo adoption and deployments in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band, our new, expanded mission provides the latitude for us to apply our specifications, work products and learnings in other frequencies and countries.”

How can we make progress on this subject in Europe?

Certainly we have to take into account the interests of the CBRS alliance (OnGo now) and see with them the interest for Europe to become a member of this alliance but I think that this can only be positive once again for the global ecosystem that must move forward with the critical connectivity needs of verticals.

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