FirstPoint is Mobile Breakthrough Awards “Startup of the Year 2020”.

There is no mobile network (private or public, critical or not) without cellular cybersecurity, which is becoming increasingly important with the advent of Industry 5.0 and IIOT.

Firstpoint seems to be able, like any startup, to adapt its products and services as needed and therefore to private enterprise cellular networks. This is good news for the private mobile network ecosystem, more and more expected by Verticals.

FirstPoint is Mobile Breakthrough Awards “Startup of the Year 2020”.
Comprehensive cellular cybersecurity as-a-service via a mobile network-based solution for security-sensitive organizations’ mobile & IoT devices, with zero impact on user experience, CPU, or battery life. FirstPoint brings cellular cybersecurity into focus. Our mobile phone & IoT device cybersecurity service for organizations is the first solution protecting from all cellular network-based cyber threats: mobile identity compromise, man-in-the-middle, location tracking, denial-of-service, malicious SMS, and data leakage. Our agentless, cellular network-based approach is hassle-free to use and deploy, giving organizations 360 control over their device’s cellular security.

Noa Ouziel
Business Development & Marketing Director

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