Wireless connectivity use case scenarios

written by AGURRE Members.

The English version of this white paper was announced a few weeks ago.
And I am proud to announce the publication of this first white paper designed by AGURRE members.

“Wireless connectivity use case scenarios”.

This document presents various use cases common to different sectors such as energy and transport, but also industry and local authorities.

They are categorized into 6 groups identified by the authors as being of importance in the choice of technological solutions.

It is a guide that can be used to help stakeholders identify which of their services could benefit from these technologies.
Thanks Thomas Hervieu for this translation in order to enlarge the number of readers. Suppliers, integrators, operators and also end-users of the industries beyond the French borders.

Our goal is to accelerate the critical private network ecosystem, one of the foundations of Industry 4.0.
Thanks again to all my colleagues of AGURRE for the elaboration of this document which is certainly not an exhaustive list of use cases but should nevertheless serve as a basis to many industries.
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