The Smart Ports Value Calculator

If you are a port or shipping company, this “Connected Port” report written by Ericsson is a must read.

And to be sure of the real interest of the 5G private network in the ports, you will also find the ROI calculator.

It is mainly about IOT and new services related to these intelligent ports, but you can reduce the payback time to less than two years if you add all current critical solutions on this single infrastructure (WIFI, PMR, DECT, critical, operational & collaborative application).

It’s this unique dedicated 5G network that is the main attraction for 5G acceleration.

This network brings together

all operational staff (and only them)
whether human or machine (in any circumstance (crisis or not)
in any location (indoor or outdoor)
but also with a level of service as exceptional as the Talkie Walkie networks of defense and security services.

Ports are the subject of this report and calculator, but an adaptation of the use cases to airports, mines and all critical, operational and industrial sites will give the same order of magnitude in terms of ROI.

Find the report and ROI calculator here

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