private 5G at Hanover Fairground

A new use case for the private 5G network, reported by Enterprise IOT Insights.

I think Germany is really leading the way in deploying this kind of networks for industry. Congratulations!

I envy Germany because at the same time what’s happening in France and some other European countries ?

We’re testing 5G millimeter wave, a bit of IOT and edge computing here and there,… And we are making POCs almost everywher…

But the frequency (2.6GHz TDD), available in France to deploy (in 2021 and not in 2024 !) private 5G dedicated to industrials is shining by its inoccupation.

It’s a shame, not to take the train that’s starting with Germany and also the OnGo alliance in the USA (among others) because it won’t stop to catch the stragglers…

Why not to create an alliance like OnGO in Europe? If you think we could work together on this idea, let me know via this e-mail

and to see the full article click on this link

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